What is Zawjad?

Zawjad is a matchmaking site for same minded Muslims who look forward to practice polygyny in their life.

What if different between polygyny & polygamy?

Polygymy meaning one husband with more than one wife not vice versa but polygamy can also mean for one wife with few husbands.

Does is mean Zawjad is only for those who want to practice polygyny?

No, brothers and sisters looking for their first match also can benefited from this site, mainly because those who participated especially the sisters are among those who accepted what have been made as a permissible by Allah SWT.

There are no free membership for men?

We in Zawjad believe that it is men’s responsibility to protect and take care of the women so all paid fee only applicable to men and they are the one that will help sustain the site and help sisters find brother that Insyaallah can also support them in life.

We only welcome responsible and serious men rather than users who just simply register and start browsing without showing any commitment toward serious relationship.

Will you sell my information or e-mail address?

Not at all. We hate spam and we would never wish that on you. Your private information is only used as a means for us to find you a match and for us to keep in touch with relation to this site activity.

There is an option to sign using Facebook, will whatever we post in Zawjad be published there?

Not all all. Facebook login is just for us to make the registration process easy by obtaining required information and confirming your identity. As you already know we hate fake users.

I’m a wife and looking to find sister for my husband, can I do it here in Zawjad.

Absolutely. Your good intention can be done through initial registration or amending you profile setting where you will allow other sister to view your profile or vice versa. You can contact your future sister and group message can be initiated with your husband if he is also registered in this site.

I’m capable men financially, physically, spiritually & mentally but I prefer not to let anyone know that I’m looking for another wife, how can I be hide from the list of users?

We have incognito mode profile where you will be hidden from other users but at the same time can browse your potential match and contact them accordingly.

There is also premium incognito mode for sisters that prefer to keep them hidden from rest of the members.

Do you provide marriage service?

No, we only provide matchmaking service. For marriage service we encourage users to check with their local marriage services for help required.

Do you have affiliate program?

No & yes. No in a sense is that is there but not for users to make money but to support Zawjad to gain more quality and real users. Yes, the affiliate program is available to support those who not able to pay for any reasons to participate in the site and at the same time help it to grow.

How do I cancel my account?

Cancellation is easy. Log into your account and click Settings > Cancel Account > Choose a reason for leaving > Confirm.

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